About Me

My name is Jarryd Long, a WordPress developer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

My web development journey began in my early high-school days. I was looking to make the ‘next best theme’ on Themeforest and retire young. Neither happened (turned out I wasn’t much of a designer).

Fortunately I moved into backend development and have spent most of my time since 2014 working between customer support and plugin development.

I’ve worked on, maintained and supported a number of popular WordPress plugins such as WP Google Maps, WP Live Chat, Seriously Simple Podcasting (Castos), Paid Memberships Pro and more. I have also built a number of plugins with Yoohoo Plugins when it was still in its infancy.

I have built a number of websites in my personal capacity, as well as for We Manage Your Site and Reeves Media Group but lean more towards coding things up than a page builder.

I’ve spoken at WordCamps and Meetups, focusing on providing great support, and building your first WordPress plugins.

While not a passion, I am also working on leveling up on my content/marketing skills and trying to be more interactive on social media. If you’d like to say ‘Hi’, drop me a tweet on @JarrydLong

Unrelated to WordPress, Development & Customer Support, my family and I own and operate two brick & mortar stores in Johannesburg, South Africa. You’ll find the occasional tweet and post about my experiences with this on my blog too.